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Talent Show

Calling ALL Pennekamp Performers!!!!
We are very excited to bring you another wonderful Talent Show this year! It's PACKED full of amazing PK Performers! It is a privilege to be able to rent Costa's Auditorium for our show! One we are very grateful for. As such, if you have any questions or concerns please direct them to our Talent Show Committee ONLY. [email protected]
PLEASE do not contact Mira Costa or any of the High School Staff.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
2024 Pennekamp Talent Show
Mira Costa Auditorium 
Friday May 17th, 2024 
5:00 – 7:00pm
- Submissions are due Friday April 12th
- Grades 1-5 are eligible for individual acts (This is due to time constraints)
- Time Limits: Each act can be between 1 min and 1:30. Suggestion is 1:15. Lights and Music will be shut off at the 1:30 min hard. Hard stop. 
- Music must be submitted in MP3 format
- Talent Show Submission Form:

- Video Auditions must be submitted by Friday April 12th. Instructions and details are on Submission form. Submit Video here: 
- After your video submission you will receive a confirmation “CALL Back Sign-up Genius” to schedule your in-person audition on either April 18th or 22nd. In the PK Cafeteria right after school.
- CUT Music must be submitted NO later than Wednesday May 1st
- Want to have a sweet gift for PK Performer? Skip the trip to the store and order one of our NEW PK Performers Boxes!
- Want to make sure you get the seats you want? Sign up to volunteer and get in early to reserve your seats.
Need help cutting your music?
- One way is use (you can find most music files here), Then use iMovie to crop the song to 1 minute 15 seconds and fade in the volume for the beginning and end.
*Please check back here as the date approaches more detailed information regarding arrival time etc will be added.